Railroad Accidents

By law, trains moving through heavily populated areas must operate at slower speeds and use whistles to alert drivers and pedestrians that a train is approaching. Drivers nearing a railroad crossing may be unable to see an oncoming train if there is overgrown vegetation or something else blocking the view. Other times, the crossing signal or gates are not installed correctly, broken, improperly marked, or poorly maintained, and they fail to alert drivers of an oncoming train. Many railroad crossings do not have adequate warning devices. Drivers and pedestrians may be unaware that a train is coming until it is too late.

The railroad accident attorneys at the Paul Law Firm understand that the railroad company and its insurance company are not your friends. The insurance company is a business, and it is the insurance adjuster’s job to pay you as little as possible, not to be fair.

If you have been injured by an irresponsible railroad company, you deserve to be compensated for the injuries they have caused. Many insurance companies only offer to pay your medical bills. That’s not right. The law says that you deserve more, because your injuries aren’t limited to medical bills. You may have missed work. You may continue to suffer from pain. These are just some of the injuries that you deserve to be compensated for that the insurance company will not offer to pay.

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