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We are natives of Southwest Missouri. Our friends and neighbors are our clients. We are invested in our community and committed to its future. We buy from local businesses, give back to the community through charities and civic organizations, and support our area schools.

What distinguishes us? Foremost is communication. We are accessible, and we talk with you. If you call, we answer. If we are with a client or in court, we make it a priority to return your phone call or answer your e-mail within 24 hours.
Founded in 1940, our firm has been in practice for nearly 75 years. Abe and Jim each have over 35 years of experience as lawyers in Southwest Missouri. We have tried hundreds of jury trials and thousands of bench (judge-decided) trials. How do you benefit from this experience? We know how to evaluate your case and develop the best strategy for you.
We believe that people’s conflicts should be resolved promptly so that they can move on with their lives. As a result, we will aggressively move your case forward. If a case needs to be filed, we file it. If a case cannot be resolved without a trial, we get it set and try it


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Child Custody Exchange at a Neutral Location

A common question is whether child custody exchanges can be arranged at a neutral location. Pursuant to RSMo. 452.404, child custody exchanges can be arranged at a neutral location. Missouri law states that "[t]o ensure compliance with the parenting plans or court...

Can a spouse cancel insurance during a divorce?

A common question is whether a spouse can cancel insurance during a divorce. The answer is no. Pursuant to RSMo. 452.317, a spouse cannot cancel insurance during a divorce. Missouri law states that "[f]rom the date of filing of the petition for dissolution of marriage...